You started your online business with a lot of hope that people will respond to your emails, follow you on social media, attend to your podcasts and most importantly buy your products or hire your services. Sadly, things have not been going your way.

The fact that people don’t respond, doesn’t mean that you have done everything wrong. But definitely, it shows that you need to do something to get things back on track. Here is how to arouse the people’s desires and make them respond actively once again.

Give enough information

Sometimes people fail to respond simply because they are confused. They don’t want react since they don’t have clear information. If people are struggling to understand what you are doing, what you are offering them or what your company does, then they will be struggling to make a decision.

Also, they will not see any need to respond as they doubt whether you can provide any meaningful help.

Transparency is always the key to gaining authority. Be transparent and clear about the services that you offer, the strategies your agencies uses, and also, what you expect from the clients.

This gives the prospect a chance to understand what you expect and they can give a precise answer. Furthermore, it’s a way of encouraging people to ask questions.

Be precise and to the point

The fact that you want to give enough information, doesn’t imply that you should explain proposition in different ways. It simply, means that you should give the information that is necessary, in plain English. Don’t use complicated jargon to clients. Your customers need your services because they are not experts in that area or don’t have time to do it themselves.

So, keep your emails or messages as straightforward as possible and as easy-to-understand as possible. Would you respond to an email if you don’t understand half of it? I bet not. So, be careful enough not to confuse your clients as that will have a significant impact on your business.

Patience pays

Prospects silence doesn’t mean that they have disregarded or forgotten the email you sent. Perhaps they are taking their time to reflect on the best response to give. Or maybe, they want to think keenly about the project before they can respond. This is even more so if you are dealing with a complex or delicate project. So, never pressure your clients or prospects to reply.

Be reasonably patient. If the clients take too long before replying to your messages, then you might consider doing some follow-ups and asking them whether or not they received your email.

Use different channels of communication

Relying only on emails can be frustrating. This is because different people prefer using different platforms to communicate. So, if you realize that emails aren’t working, it could be simply because the prospect, or the client, doesn’t open the email regularly. Or maybe, just maybe their email was hacked and are not able to access it anymore.

In that case, you might try to give them a ring, or inbox them on social media. Nevertheless, you should inbox them privately. Also, it is crucial that you invite them to join the conversation the time they find convenient for them.

Review your onboarding method

Onboarding refers to the process that business owners use to familiarize people with their brand, a product, or services. The onboarding process you use, determines whether or not people will be interested in your services, or even to know more about your business.

That said, you need to see what works and what doesn’t, consider whether you have given realistic promises to people or not. In some cases, people tend to exaggerate. That will not just make you lose credibility and trust, but also, people will not respond to your emails, blogs and social media posts.

Regardless of whether you are pitching yourself to a prospect, approaching a client you have already worked with in the past or reaching out to your subscribers, you should eliminate anything that could make you sound vague and thus casting doubts. So,

  • Tell people or clients what to expect upfront
  • Give realistic promises
  • Set realistic deadlines

Before revisiting the onboarding process, try to create a survey. People may not be willing to respond to your emails or posts but they may respond to a survey. Let them tell you what you do best and what they think you should improve.

The power of a Portfolio

Show people what you have done in the past. The internet is full of promises. Sadly, a huge percentage of those who promise a lot of things are not able to deliver them. Consequently, it’s so hard to know who to trust and who not to.

The only way, to grab the prospects, clients or target audience’s attention is showing that you have done something at it actually worked. For that reason prove you have experience by:

  • Showing reviews,
  • Providing samples,
  • Showing online ratings,
  • Giving referrals,
  • Get testimonials, or
  • Having a portfolio on your website

Retarget or Rebrand

If you have tried all the tips but things still don’t seem to be working, then it shows that you have targeted the wrong audience. Rebranding enables you to retarget or target the same audience correctly. Well, this is the last option in this list for various reasons:

  • It is more demanding than other options
  • It requires more time
  • You might need to hire an expert to help you
  • It’s not the best option especially if your business is well established already.

However, it is crucial that you look at the trends when the business is still young so you can rebrand before it’s too late. The decisions that you make depends on how people respond when you ask them for their opinions. Speak with other marketers and let them tell you what they think you should do.

To wrap up

Without the response from your followers, clients or prospects, growing your online business is practically impossible. Also, it will be unfeasible for you to know where you make mistakes if you don’t get any response.

Putting your effort on reaching out and getting no response, can be heartbreaking but giving up is not an option. If you are looking for reactions, the tips above could be what you need to get things rolling again. Being patient, persistent and doing the right thing at the right time, should work out for you.