We are already one month and a half into 2019 and you want to know whether the marketing strategy you plan on using will actually work. Creating a brand’s awareness is a key component to succeeding in any business. Marketing consumes not only time and energy but also resources. This is more so to those who do not prepare in advance for the future changes.

The marketing landscape is never constant. Things are always changing because of the technological advancements made every day. People’s priorities also change and so you must learn how people are using social media, and also how Google algorithms are changing to succeed.

Here are the marketing trends you should not ignore in 2019.


Personalization has been a powerful way of grabbing the customer’s attention. There’s nothing that attracts the attention more than mentioning someone’s name. Some marketers send many spam messages every day, and people delete or ignore them if they can’t relate with them. So, personalization is vital if you want the target audience to recognize your marketing.

Besides emailing, every client wants to know that they will be offered services that are tailored to them. That said,

  • Take a moment to search for enough data about your customers so you can offer the services they expect.
  • Mention their names in your campaigns
  • Keep in touch with your audience by reaching out regularly.

Artificial Intelligence will keep being popular in 2019

A few years back, artificial intelligence was seen in fiction movies and books but now it is a reality. Computers will be able to analyze the customers, respond to their questions and provide them with solutions. In 2018 Google showed how Google assistant will make phone calls and respond to clients.

Every marketer who wants to be updated must familiarize themselves with this technology in advance.

Video content will still be worthwhile

It is almost impossible to grab the reader’s attention if you don’t use videos and visual advertisement. Note that the first impression is very important. If people find out you have embedded useful videos, they will come again for more. Additionally, you ought to be aware that people’s attention span is reducing over time.

Use videos on social media and also your site to make sure that people will read the content. Using visuals on your social media profiles has been an incredibly powerful way of winning more followers and it still is. 2019 will not be any different.

Content Marketing

Although new methods are emerging every day, content marketing will always have a significant impact on the marketing world. It gives you a chance to get backlinks to your website and also engage with your customers. Creating high-quality content and publishing it regularly, will definitely put you ahead of those who neglect it this year. The purpose of content marketing is to offer people solutions to the questions they have.

This will not only drive traffic to your website but also it gives you an opportunity to connect with influences. Additionally, you will earn money through affiliate marketing when you recommend the products and services you have tried, and you think may be of benefit to your audience.

Quality keeps increasing mportance over quantity

A few years ago, the more content you published or the more the marketing you did, the more clients you could get. However, things have changed. The main target for every marketer is that their product will go viral and reach as many people as possible. That is the reason people must publish high-quality content that will catch the attention of their audience.

Regardless of whether it is a video or an advert, focus your attention on producing top-notch results rather than a having huge amount of the adverts.

Think seriously about automation and chabot

The faster you can respond to the visitors, the more clients you get. In most cases, visitors come to a website with the intent to get a particular solution. If they don’t find the answer instantly, they might opt to go to another website. The best way to avoid that is having a live chat button on your site and if possible, starting a conversion. That way, you will catch the attention of the visitors before they can leave the website.

Automation will make it easy for people to get responses immediately, which shows that the website is still operational. Remember, artificial intelligence is on the rise. So, it is vital to you use modern automation and voice search. Computers will have the capability to analyze the client’s needs and give the answers. Some great chatbots you can try include:

Social media trends have shifted

The days when marketers used to publish an article then share them in many groups are long gone. A platform like Facebook can penalize your page if you share a post within a particular period or many groups at one go.

That said, people do not depend on sharing anymore. On the contrary, you should create outstanding social media ads and copy, and then sponsors them to reach a huge audience without getting penalized. Also, know that some platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, limit the number of characters in a single post. Therefore, use tools like bit.ly to create links and write short-thrilling posts.

Voice search will become popular

People are slowly moving from using desktops and tables to using micro gadgets like mobile phones. Typing on such gadgets is quite irksome. So, they will prefer to use voice search over typing. Also, virtual assistance will focus more on voice than a written word.

Well, this may seem obvious because the search engine already has a voice search feature. However, you ought to be aware that if more people start using voice search, you will need to change the way you phrase your headlines.

For example, Instead of writing, “Marketing tricks to you should try in 2019,” write something like, “What are the most useful marketing tricks to try in 2019?” Remember, people usually ask questions when doing voice search.

Wrapping up

There have been significant changes in the way people use social media. Additionally, technology is continuously growing and new ways are always emerging. To succeed in marketing, you have to predict the changes you expect to happen in the future and also how you can adapt to stand out in the competitive marketing world.

People want personalized, quick and speedy services. Use the tips above to reach out to the right people and that you get many loyal followers.