Applying Design Thinking to
Internet of Things


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Designing successful IoT services is focusing on people first and use technology as a means to meet a human need. Learn how to apply Design thinking into the development of IoT services to shape the most viable idea and reduce risks.

This document explains methods and real-life examples on how to generate new ideas in the IoT field, evolve your concepts to help you find right solution faster and cheaper. It tackles 3 core factors:

  • Is it really needed? Find out how to uncover unmet needs for IoT, design products that solve really a problem, get quick feedback and evolve.
  • Is it feasible? Assess the technical capabilities needed and challenges to consider when developing your solution and evaluate if you can build it.​
  • Is it profitable?  Discover the most common revenue models applicable to IoT and make your solution a financial sucess.



The document is delivered in 5 different volumes :
Volume 1:

  • IoT Business Opportunities. Discover the business potential of IoT and how this technology can disrupt all domains
  • Introduction to Design Thinking. See how this user-centric approach can be applied to create innovation in IoT

Volume 2:​

  • Unleashing Innovation in IoT. Learn the  3 innovation principles
  • Business Model canvas. See how the Business Model Canvas can help you boost Innovation.

Volume 3:​​

  • Designing IoT to be valuable. Find out how to design solutions that customers really appreciate. Understand how to uncover latent needs and examples on how to test prototype solutions fast and cheap.

Volume 4:​​

  • Designing IoT to be achievable. Identify the main technical challenges you need to consider when buidling IoT solutions and how to overcome them.

Volume 5:​​​

  • Designing IoT to be profitable. Review the most common revenue models applicable to IoT and real-world examples on how these models were applied.

    Get a free copy of the white paper: Applying Design Thinking to Internet of Things

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