About Us

About us

Sinnova stands for the combination of words Service innovation, and we help start-ups, entrepreneurs, consultants and executives to bring innovation, generate real value to customers and help them build exceptional services and products.

We provide a unique approach combining well-renowned methodologies based on Design Thinking, Agile processes (SCRUM), lean principles, DevOps, IT Service Management best practices and growth hacking tips to deliver innovative business models and reduce the risk of failure.

We work with all sorts of organisations as consultant, interim assignments, deliver ad-hoc training and workshops.


Eli Garcia

Founder and principal consultant

Eli Garcia is the founder of Sinnova. He is a Service management & service design consultant.

Overall, Eli has more than 13 years of experience in business innovation driven by technology. He has worked in the sectors of telecom, banking, supply chain management and the public sectors. He has performed several roles as interim long-term assignments, consultancy short-terms projects, deliver training, offering workshops and conferences in Europe and the Americas.

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