Do you want to get more followers on your website or social media? Who would dare claim to have enough followers? The ultimate goal for every website and social media accountsis to get more visitors and followers every day. Having more visitors is fundamental to enhancing the popularity of your business and, of course, making more sales.

However, you have to be aware that people never consider the number of followers on your social media platforms when deciding. additionally, the fact that your site has many followers, does not guarantee you that you will make any sales. So, you have to ensure that you attract real fans not people who are not concerned about your services.

The reality, however, is that getting a loyal following is not a walk in the park. You must employ some tips to help you reach out to more.

Here is a list of 6 tricks that top marketers use to win more followers to their businesses. You can try them too.

Be a follower to get followers

For people to follow you, you must also be a follower. That said, searching for influences and accounts that are popular and relevant to your business is crucial. In most cases, the people you follow will follow you back. Also, they might share your content on their social media sites if they find it relevant.

Most importantly, when you follow other people you get a chance to interact with them, and this gives you a chance to convince them to follow you back. Successful marketers follow active accounts. They do not just follow but they are active followers, they always contribute and engage with other followers. Doing that will get you recognized, and people will want to know more about you.

To know who to follow:

  • Look at the accounts that top marketers follow
  • Joining social media groups and communities
  • Look at twitter lists

Utilize trending stories and data

Emerging issues, catch people attention, more than what has been there for a long period. On that note, people are always interested in trends and news on your timeline. Many will come to see what is happening currently and share on their timelines. Don’t let followers on your social media platforms learn about something new from somewhere else before you can tell them.

If you have visited a social media profile of one of the top markets, you will realize that there’s always something new. They know that to show the followers that you are still there and you have something for them, you have to be updated.

Just like you want to follow active accounts people want active websites. So, always give people something to read, react to and share. That way, you will be able to keep them active and they will have a reason to follow you. If you post once in a blue moon, no person will bother to follow you. For that reason:

  • Keep your feeds/timeline active by posting regularly
  • Make sure your profile is completely filled and informative.

Engage with others

If you have noticed the trend, many successful marketers or website owners, tend to encourage people to ask questions on the comment section. Also, they go ahead to react to the comments. Why? They know there’s power in keeping people active and engaged.

Nothing encourages people to keep commenting on your post than seeing that you are constantly replying to their comments, liking or even answering the questions. If people notice that you posted and then left them comment, then many will not be motivated to react. To keep people following you, you must show them that you are around at all times.

Creating interviews, podcasts and speaking gigs

Having videos or podcast is not only crucial for the success of your career online but also it is a great way of winning people’s hearts. These days, people love watching videos more than reading. Thankfully, you don’t have to tire a lot looking for what to create videos about. You can create videos about the same content you post, as a way of creating emphasis.

Additionally, people who watch your videos and attend your podcast are more likely to be of relevance to your brand that those who scheme through your posts. So, it’s a way of reaching out to the right people.

At the end of every video, remember to include links or buttons to your social media profiles and also to your website. That way, you will not just get followers, but followers who actually need your services.

Guest posting

Renown marketers do not only publish content on their sites but rather they contribute in other platforms too. This is a powerful way that many markets utilize to get recognized. When you are given a guest post to a popular website, then you stand a chance of getting a huge traffic through back linking. Additionally, you get an opportunity to direct people to your profile.

For that reason, ensure that you include your social media buttons to your profiles so that people who read about you on the guest posts, can be able to follow you either on social media or the website.


No business can service without partnering with other businesses. This trick is unknown to many beginner marketers but it’s one of the most useful tricks you can use. Create partnerships with other companies that are not your competitors. However, they should be relevant to your business for you to get the right following.

Partnership campaigns are beneficial for both parties as there is no competition. Each focuses a different audience but at the end of the day, both of the partners will have benefited. So, if you have tools that you think could be of use to another company, and they have podcasts that you could be featured in, never hesitate to reach out.

To wrap up

The tips above are just but a few. However, they are the most practical and straightforward that people utilize. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a genius to use them too. So, look at what influencers are doing, research to what is happening currently and make sure you never run out of pots. By doing that, you will get a huge following not only on social media profiles but also, it will boost traffic and conversions on your online business.